Asteroids; Comets; Stars




The star is a celestial body, it is held by its own gravity and it is estimated that in the Milky Way there are somewhere at 10 ^ 24 stars that can be seen with the naked eye. As a celestial object the star shines due to a thermonuclear energy, where hydrogen is in helium, which are in its...



Comets are small celestial bodies. They are nebulous in color, and the comets in the Milky Way revolve around the Sun. Over 6340 comets exist in the known Milky Way. Like other celestial bodies, we could see comets in the sky every year, still with the naked eye. Their tail is formed due to the fact that they are approaching...



Asteroids are also smaller celestial bodies. Meteorites are up to 10 meters. They cannot take other functions (eg comets, dwarf planets, etc.) Asteroids can range in size from a few centimeters to hundreds of kilometers. Asteroids are irregularly shaped, meaning they are not spherical and there are millions in the Milky Way. Asteroids can be seen...