Bailey services


Bailey offers you free opportunity to see information about the planets, a lot of information, as well as scientific data. 

Dwarf planets

Bailey also offers (also free), information about dwarf planets, as well as scientific data. 

Natural satellites

We also offer free information about natural satellites, as well as all the natural satellites of the planets by name. 

Asteroids ; Comets ; Stars 

You can also see a lot of free information about comets or asteroids or even stars (for new stars we have also prepared some physical calculations for those who like physics).


Free information received from belts. The 3 famous belts are full of information, discover them and see how beautiful these 3 belts are. 

Black and white holes 

Did you know that in addition to black holes, there are also white holes? Yes, find out how and what they do, as well as dozens of pieces of information about them and black holes. 

Test your astronomer skills

You may see a lot of astronomy tests, but they're for money, right? Or maybe the computer corrects them and they are not accurate. Here on Bailey you have the free opportunity to test your astronomer skills for free! They will be corrected by our members, we will give you exact results, but please read the instructions for the first time and do not look at our articles when you write. We believe that anyone who wants to learn can, without giving money! Education is free on Bailey Universe! 


We offer free news! In the first stage, we offered less news, because others were not very interesting, but now we have the members looking for the news and from now on we promise you to be up to date with the latest news and discoveries from Universe / space! Every news will be treated seriously, in such a way that we do not give you bad information! If you subscribe, then you will receive real-time news from the site free! Success!


Astronomy is great, but we should also know the people who worked on the great discoveries, not just data, so we have prepared a section in which is written the story of some of the greatest people and discoverers of the Universe around the world. We will add new stories as soon as possible, the following stories will be theirs: Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus, Isaac Newton and they will continue! Subscribe to be up to date with the information! 


Bailey also offers free tables containing brief scientific data, to understand everything very well! 

Interactive images

We also offer free images, through which you can see begging bodies and through which you can understand everything better! 


You have free support from us from Monday to Saturday. If you send messages on Sunday, we do not guarantee that we will answer then, we will answer you the next day. And also please subscribe to our site for news! Success! 

3D images

New technologies allow opportunities! Many thanks to NASA for the 3D images you can rotate, enlarge and observe every part of a planet or dwarf planet or natural satellite! These are found on the planets, dwarf planets and Galilean satellites of Jupiter! 


This section will always give you information about special celestial bodies that have something that differs from others. There are hundreds of free information about special begging bodies, in the future more will be added. 


You have free information about space missions and events that have marked space history. you will find thousands of information about them, in the future the more missions there will be, the more we will add.