Oort Cloud


Oort's cloud is actually a belt to which the Milky Way belongs. It was first described by astronomer Jan Oort in 1950. Through the Oort Cloud we can find the limit of the Solar System. That is, the edge of the Oort Cloud is the edge of the Solar System. Most comets form in the Oort Cloud and are...

Kuiper belt


The Kuiper belt is a belt that extends from the orbit of the planet Neptune. It looks like an asteroid belt, only it is much bigger and more massive than the asteroid belt. If they are said to be comets that come from there, they clearly come from the "Spread Disc" in the Kuiper belt, because there are most of...

Asteroid belt


The asteroid belt was so named because many asteroids are or pass through that sap. Most asteroids pass or are between Mars and Jupiter, so the asteroid belt has formed. Those asteroids revolve around the Sun like planets, only they revolve between 3.5 and 6 years, make a complete rotation. Other celestial bodies were discovered in the asteroid...