International Bailey Space contest

The contest consists in the detailed description of the planets in the description of the Solar System and in finding some possibilities of life or the cloud that can produce life on Mars. CAREFUL! The solar system and life on Mars must also be described in detail! More than 1000 words! 

Prize on this contest : 

I - receive a diploma and a magazine with the Solar System and her/his idea and a logo with his/her name in the Solar System 

II - receive a diploma and a magazine with the Solar System

III - receive a diploma

!!!!  These prizes will be awarded to each category with at least 5 participants! 


You can register until 9 august (California, United States of America time)

Bailey Privacy and Policy international space contest

1. Name

What needs to be done? 

You have to put a name or a nickname! Attention that you will put in the name section will be written on your diploma if you take it. 

2. E-mail

What needs to be done?

You have to put a valid e-mail! 

3. Country

What needs to be done?

You have to put your country!

4. Age category

What needs to be done?

You have to your country! 

5. How do we use this data? 

These will be stored in a database of our site, well secured with the password, so no one has access to it, except our members. In addition, they will be put in a well-secured word document with passwords, which only the director of Bailey Universe has access to: A. Robert-Eugen.

6. How will this data then be used? 

The data in the word document will be deleted, the data in the database will be placed in a password archive, well secured.

7. My age 

Careful! If you are over 18 (18+) you can rest easy and not read what's next. If you are under 18 (6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17) it is mandatory that your parent / legal guardian agrees to this contest entry. Bailey does not process children's personal data. If you think this has happened, please let us know. Bailey assumes no responsibility if a child declares that he is an adult. You have two options if you are a child: 1. You assume that you have discussed with the parent / legal guardian before and he / she agrees with your participation. 2. The parent / legal guardian can send to the e-mail address: a well-seen scanned paper that reads: "As a parent / legal guardian with the name .......... I agree to the participation of the child with the name ......... in this contest Bailey International space contest and I agree with the processing his personal data only by the members of the Bailey Universe website ", and the signature of the parent / legal guardian should appear on the paper! We recommend the second 2 option as the safest. Careful! Once again, Bailey Universe assumes no responsibility if the child signs the paper or agrees to the processing of his or her personal data and says that the parent / legal guardian agrees without his or her consent. The paper must be signed only by a parent or legal guardian. We do not take any responsibility if the paper is signed by someone else, because we cannot know this. 

Thank you for reading the policy and we wish you success in the contest!