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Last update: 28/08/2022 07:47 am Los Angeles time

1) What kind of data do we collect from you? 

We collect them as follows: - when you subscribe: we collect your IP address (it is generated automatically) and we collect your email address, nothing more! - when you enter a contest of ours: we collect your email address, IP address, name, age category, and your country, nothing more!

2) How do we use your data? 

Your personal or contact details are well secured. They are stored in a secure database and on a unique computer, to which only the Bailey Universe team has access. In addition, your personal data is stored as follows: 

- the email and the eventual name and age and country are stored in a database, to which the director of Bailey Universe has access, as well as all the members. 

- the IP address is stored in the same database as the email and the name, well secured with the password, to which Bailey universe members have access. Your IP address is not stored in a word document!

3) How do we transfer your personal data to other organizations/companies or other institutions? 

Bailey Universe is a secure site where all data is kept secure, to guarantee your security. Bailey Universe WILL NOT SELL INFORMATION TO OTHER INSTITUTIONS / ORGANIZATIONS, ETC. Bailey Universe keeps everything secure and no one but Bailey Universe members is entitled to your data. 

This way you can stay calm, and your data is not revealed to anyone. However, Bailey Universe has the obligation to declare some of your personal data at the request of the police or the authorities of any country. This procedure is checked beforehand, as well as the IP of the person requesting it. If there really are authorities and you have caused problems with some things or other problems, and the police or other state authorities want to reach you, Bailey Universe is required by law to give them access to this data without notifying you in advance. 

Due to cookies, we can send information about accessing our website to various companies/institutions. See art. 13.

Our system will not give data to people who believe themselves to be just authorities, Bailey Universe checks every person beforehand so that you can be safe. Mainly if you haven't done any damage or other problems, no one will ask you for your data at Bailey Universe, so if everything is fine with you, you can be sure that no one is asking for your data.

4) What rights do you have over personal data? 

1. You have the right to unsubscribe to our emails at any time, so your email will be deleted from our database. You can always subscribe back. 

2. You have the right to request the complete deletion of your data at any time, wherever they may be. 

3. You have the right to unsubscribe from any of our services at any time. 

5) What skills do you not have? 

1. You do not have the right to see the personal data of other users. 

2. You may not offend Bailey Universe stuff without a clearly stated reason. 

3. You do not have the right to the system and to any setting or program on our website.  

6) How long do we keep your personal data? 

As long as it takes, that is, the email address is kept as long as you subscribe. Your IP address is registered for any massage, subscription, or action by which you send us an email, it can be deleted only at your request, it is not automatically deleted. Name, country, age group, etc. can be stored in a secure database, as well as on your diplomas, if you receive diplomas, at your request we can delete them, they are not automatically deleted. 

7) Links or third-party images, what does it mean? 

Bailey Universe may have images of other organizations or websites, etc. Images that are marked with credits are subject to other terms than ours, so if you want to use them, contact the owner who is listed in the credits or consult their privacy policy. 

Bailey Universe does not guarantee any security if you go to links outside our website. In our articles, you can see some links but check beforehand. On our site you have security, after you leave it, you must consult the other privacy policies or possibly the terms and conditions of use on that site. 

8) Who is responsible for the protection of personal data on the Bailey Universe website?

Responsibilities have the site director. For questions regarding the protection of GDPR data, he is responsible for them. 

Contact details: 


WhatsApp number: +40 738 713 027 

9) Your rights to GDPR personal data? 

Yes, you have the right to delete your contact or personal data at any time. You can also request to stop data collection, but by stopping data collection you will not be able to access some of our services. 

10) Can you request a complaint for this site for some GDPR rules? 

You are free to request a complaint if you believe it violates GDPR rules, but you should only refer to them, not other unrelated programs. You can ask a GDPR expert to deal with or deal with them, but a clear reason must be given if something is not followed. 

11) At what age are you allowed to use a complaint or use Bailey Universe services? 

You are required to be at least 16 or 18 years old (depending on the country) to apply. If you are a minor, please leave our site or tell your parent/guardian to send us a message and we will tell them to fill out a file that allows you (as a child) to browse our website (according to their agreement).

12) What are the emails sent by Bailey Universe?

The e-mails sent by us contain the links and the names of the new articles, a few words from us and of course some remainders and contact details, also at the bottom is an unsubscribe button if you do not want to receive emails from us, click on unsubscribe. You can subscribe back at any time.

Email sending policy

As you can see, at the top of the message, which shows that you received this message from us, it will also show who we sent it to. Only your email should appear there, without other emails, to keep protection. All messages now will be encrypted! Your emails will no longer be seen by others! These will no longer appear in a list up there in the message, thus keeping you safe.

Any email that is not received from us is not a message from us. Any email from us contains updates, alerts, or a new privacy policy, as a result, any email you receive and does not contain these things, you can delete it.

To support Bailey, you can persuade your colleagues at work/school to use our site. Also, for support, you can share it. Our address is, as you know: Also from now on, you can translate into your language every email received from us.

We make this change, to make you feel safe on Bailey, as well as to keep our promise, to keep you safe and in a good environment. Safe fun, in the world of space on Bailey:

Below you can tell us to not sell your personal data:

13) Third party 

Bailey Universe provides personal information about you to third parties such as the following: - - - - - - - - They receive information through cookies. You can manage the cookies in the following way: when you enter our site for the first time, a block will open on which you are required to consent to the use of cookies, so you can choose how you want your data to be stored. If you want to change your account, go to the browser settings and delete all those small files, you can more easily go to clear browsing data and delete all cookies, including other sites, and then return to the site and choose again how you want your data to be processed. 

There are ads on our site, which are all from Google, Purple Ads, and Sovrn. Google: "Google's use of advertising cookies enables Google and its partners to serve ads to users based on access to your sites and / or other sites on the Internet." You can opt-out of certain google ads here: (you need to sign in to a google account). And here: you can give up certain cookies or advertising cookies only from the browser you use.

Effective as of: 2021-09-10 12:14:51


In this Cookie Policy we will provide you with detailed information on how Bailey Universe (hereinafter - the "we" or "our"), shall undertake to ensure the security of personal information and the protection of rights of the visitors and users of the websites (hereinafter - the "Visitors", "You") while you use our websites including but not limited to (hereinafter - the "Site") and the content on it.


A cookie is a small file placed onto your device that enables our Site features and functionality. For example, cookies can enable us to identify your device and secure your access to the Site. Cookies also allow the Site to remember information about your browsing on the Site for a while and to recognize you the next time you visit the Site. All this allows us to give you the opportunity to use the Site comfortably and to make the Site even more user-friendly.


We use cookies for the following main purposes:

  • To ensure efficient and safe functioning of the Site. We use cookies to enable and support our security features, and to help us detect malicious activity on our Site.
  • To analyze your habits so that the functioning of the Site would be convenient, efficient and would conform to your needs and expectations.
  • To measure the flows of the information and data being sent to our Site. We use the cookies for accumulation of statistical data about the number of users of the Site and their use of the Site.
  • For targeting and advertising. By using the cookies we may collect information so that only relevant content is displayed for the browser by creating different target groups. We may use cookies to show you relevant advertising both on and off our Site.


Each time you visit our Site, the long-term (persistent) cookies may be created, which stay in your browser after you sign-up and will be read by us when you return to our Site and not deleted after you finish browsing our Site, and the short-term (session) cookies, which expire or are deleted after you finish browsing our Site (i.e. they usually last during the current visit to our Site or browsing session).Cookies used by the Company:

  • Strictly required or necessary cookies. These cookies are required for the operation of our Site. They include, for example, cookies that enable storage of information filled by you during the browsing session, enable you to log into secure areas of our Site. Without these cookies operation of the Site would be impossible or its functioning may be severely affected.
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Third-party cookies:

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Many web browsers are set so that they would automatically accept all cookies. You may refuse and make a preference which cookies you allow by choosing it in our Cookie Consent Banner. Also all the cookies will be set if you accept all by clicking "Accept All" on our Cookie Consent Banner. The Visitors may, at their discretion, manage, block or delete cookies, if the settings of their browser or device enable them to do so. Nevertheless, if you refuse or block the cookies or other similar technologies, some functions of the Site may be inaccessible to you or they may operate not properly.We draw your attention that necessary cookies are critical for the functioning of our Site, and in case of your objections, some features of the Site may not work or may not work properly. You may require that we delete all the data about you, as collected and processed with the help of the cookies, by contacting to the email address You can opt-out of Google Analytics without affecting how you visit our Site. For more information on opting out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites you use, visit this Google page: You may find more information about how to delete cookies, as well as the other useful information related to the use of the cookies, on the website


This Cookie Policy may be updated by us from time to time. We will inform you about the updates, by providing the new version of the Cookie Policy. For this reason, we recommend you periodically visit our Site, where you will always find the latest version of this Cookie Policy. 

Is there any problem with these policies? Please email us and let us know.