A man accidentally discovered a meteorite and thought it was gold inside


Breaking news and unusual! A man accidentally discovered a meteorite and thought there was gold inside. How can this be? Nobody, and those who found out about this discovery started laughing and saying it's not true. But, it is true and 100% real! First of all, David Hole was the first to find the meteorite in 2015. He first thought it might be gold in that space rock (meteorite) because it was very heavy and unusual compared to other rocks. 

He accidentally discovered this space rock in Melbourne Australia with a metal detector. Yes, he was looking for metals and when he saw that the metal detector showed him that the rock had metals in it and it was also unusual, the man thought there was gold in it. Unfortunately, he did not get rich from this discovery. But it has made one of the greatest discoveries of meteorites on Earth in recent years.

But before he became so famous with this amazing discovery, let's say what he wanted to do before. He took the meteorite home and began to break it into pieces as small as possible. The man even demanded that there was gold somewhere. But he could not break it at all. If it was gold, then he managed to break it. But because there was a meteorite inside very rarely, he couldn't. Besides, the meteorite is as old as Earth. The meteorite is approx. 4.6 billion years old, that means it is approx. the same age as the Sun. And the meteorite weighs 17 kg. So the man had to carry home. 

Even though he discovered it in 2015, it was only now that he realized that something was really wrong with this meteorite. "This meteorite probably came from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and was pushed out of it by other rocks that collided with each other," geologists said. but it is not yet known exactly where it came from, but how long it took them to reach Earth. So far, these are just theories. Because this meteorite is very special, it is constantly being studied by researchers, scientists, and experienced geologists. 

We wish success to all those who study this meteorite to find out as much as possible about it, but also to the man who discovered it to make such discoveries. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 08 December 2021, at 09:26 pm Los Angeles time

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