A NASA shuttle will hit an asteroid

Credit: Profimedia
Credit: Profimedia

Breaking news! NASA wants to launch a rocket to hit an asteroid, thus deviating from its orbit. The lesson that NASA wants to launch into this asteroid will intentionally enter the asteroid with extremely high speed. It is about the asteroid Dimorphos, which can also be called the Moon because it is a Moon of the asteroid Didymos. NASA wants this because its asteroid and moon are very close to Earth and are getting closer. CNN said it would be the first planetary defense technology man has ever made.

Maybe some of you know the movie: Armageddon. Yes, in this movie, someone has to save the planet, becoming an asteroid, anyway if you haven't seen it, it would be great if you see it. But in this case, no one has to sacrifice, the only one sacrificed will be the spaceship. The whole mission will be called: DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test). And of course, as SpaceX has some high-tech rockets, it will also play an extremely important role. Elon Musk's company will offer the Falcon 9 rocket with which the mission will be launched. Everything will happen at the Vandenberg space base in California and quite early, that is, on November 23, 2021 (this year).

In this mission, we will really see if humanity can defend itself with the technology of now or even now we cannot. In September 2022, NASA will begin launching technology to modify the asteroid's orbit near Earth. During this period, when NASA and SpaceX will begin the impact procedure with the asteroid, the asteroid and its Moon will be at approx. 11 million km from Earth. It may seem like a lot, but this value is very close to Earth. The bigger problem is that it is getting closer to Earth, so it will not change its orbit in the nearest time and will continue to get closer, so NASA and SpaceX will have to do this mission.

The event will be filmed by LICIACube, a satellite that will accompany the mission in space. Most likely NASA and SpaceX will offer the public the filming with the impact, it will surely be spectacular. "Astronomers will be able to compare observations from several telescopes on Earth before and after impact to see how much the orbit of Dimorphos has changed," said one of NASA researchers in this program, Tom Statler.

The DART shuttle will hit Dimorphos with approx. 24 thousand km per hour. And then, ESA enters (European space agency) with the Hera mission that will do some analysis on the asteroid and its moon. At that time, the DART mission will change the speed of Dimorphos in orbit around the asteroid by 1%, which means a few minutes and probably a small change of direction, so as not to hit the Earth.

All the data from this first planetary defense mission will help humanity in the future, probably when the dangers will be even greater.

We wish NASA and SpaceX success with this mission and hope the asteroid deflection succeeds ... 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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