A new space record could happen

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! The Russian press claims that one of the few Russian women could set a major record in terms of time spent in space by a Russian woman. It's about Anna Kikina. The Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center claimed some time ago that Anna will go to the ISS starting with September 2022, more precisely September 21, 2022 and will stay there until March 18, 2023. What does that mean? It means 188 days in space. And it should fly aboard the Soyuz MS-22. This will be a great record for a Russian female cosmonaut. She also participated in the SIRIUS program.

So far, Yelena Kondakova is holding Russia's record for the longest time in space. She traveled in the 90's and his record, as well as the record for the longest time spent by a Russian female cosmonaut was the sum of two missions that total 178 days spent in space. And then she did not make two flights to the ISS, nor did there be an ISS (international space station) at that time. But, she flew to the Mir space station.

Also, worldwide, the Russians do not lead the longest time for a woman to stay in space. NASA holds this record with Peggy Whitson, who accumulated a total of 665 days in space, it calculated with several missions together. It would be very nice to set a new record in the world of space, but we still have to wait until 2023.

We wish success to Russians and all the astronauts, as well as Anna if it was to set a record.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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