Alert: A solar storm has hit Earth, but there are still a few to come, according to NASA

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 14 March 2022, at 03:52 pm Los Angeles time

A solar storm will hit Earth in the coming weeks, according to experts. Scientists have claimed that the storm coming from the Sun will most likely hit our planet in the next 2 weeks, not being concrete at that time. However, NASA data says the storm has already hit Earth, but it may still be coming. 

The solar storm alert was issued by NASA and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), according to data obtained. 

The storm also brings spectacular things to the night sky, but it can also bring major damage, which no one wants. 

Astronomers say that at high altitudes, aurorae will be visible. It will be a spectacle in the night sky, a big worth. 

The storm can also bring bad things. Solar storms can cause communications to shut down between NASA and the ISS (International Space Station) or may cause damage to satellites (as was the case when 40 Starlink satellites were shot down by a solar storm). 

Or it may disrupt GPS systems or even communications on Earth. And more. 

"Direct Hit! NOAA & NASA prediction models show solar storm to hit Earth between 12:00 and 21:00 UTC on March 13." said Dr. Tamitha Skov, a space weather physicist. "Impact should be strong! Expect aurora deep into mid-latitudes, amateur radio & GPS reception issues, especially near dawn / dusk, and on Earth's nightside!" 

Also, the storm probably hit the Earth, yesterday, March 13, 2022, but more may come according to the data. We can expect a few more solar storms. 

She added this morning: "Solarstorm & Aurora 5-day Outlook: Busy week with a triple threat! A a big solarstorm storm is coming sandwiched between a glancing blow from a previous solarstorm and some fast solar wind."

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