Almost 100 tickets sold in a month, to go into space

Credit: Virgin Galactic/twitter
Credit: Virgin Galactic/twitter

News! Billionaire Richard Branson's company has already sold nearly 100 tickets to people who want to go into space, and that in just one month. The price of a Virgin Galactic space trip ticket is $ 450,000 each. Most likely the company will reach over 1000 tickets sold for a few minutes trip to space. That would mean that the company could make over 350 million dollars in just the first year and in the other years, even billions. 

The price has risen quite a bit though. A few months ago, Virgin Galactic sold tickets for between $ 200,000 and $ 250,000 each. Now there are 450,000 potters each and the price could increase by the end of the year. In total, almost 700 tickets for the space have been sold this year and the year is not over yet. Virgin Galactic also hopes to sell more than 100 tickets by the first manned flight to space, which will be at the end of 2022. But many believe that Virgin Galactic will sell over 100 tickets until next summer or even sooner. 

"We are entering a period of fleet improvement with a clear roadmap to increase the durability, reliability and predictability of our commercial vehicles next year," said Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic. In addition, the company has announced that its business program will be postponed until the fourth quarter of next year due to problems. In September, the ship with which Richard Branson (the first billionaire to fly in space) was detained by US authorities and kept on the ground due to the fact that it left the authorized flight space. However, the company said it would fix all the problems and everything would be set up by the first flight. 

We wish success to all those who will go into space and we wish success to the company. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 12 November 2021, at 11:04 am Los Angeles time

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