An ESA communications satellite is ready to start service

Credit: ESA/Airbus
Credit: ESA/Airbus

Breaking news! A European ESA satellite is ready for its space mission. The ESA satellite was developed in partnership with satellite operators Eutelsat and Airbus. Given that lately, Europe's space industry has developed immensely with the latest missions coordinated by ESA and the missions developed by ESA on the ISS (International Space Station) and this satellite is extremely developed. The name of the satellite is Eutelsat Quantum and according to ESA, it is part of a new wave of flexible satellites. Approx. 4 months from its launch on July 30, 2021, in the European spaceport of French Guiana aboard the Ariane 5 rocket, until it begins its mission in space. Yes, only now has he begun his mission. 

Now, the satellite is at 48 ° E, this position being established even after the first days since its launch from the European spaceport of French Guiana. What happened in the 4 months since it arrived in space? Any satellite (almost) that is launched on a space mission does not start its mission the next day. It is tested and all the functions it has are checked, as they work completely. Then, after the entire verification period on Earth, it begins its mission. 

Like many of ESA's commercial partners, it will provide data, as well as some mobile communications through its French operator, Eutelsat, to Internet users on Earth and the world's governments. ESA has announced that this satellite can accept various requests to change data because it can be very easily and at any time reprogrammed directly from Earth. The satellite can provide secure communications and various services for 15 years, as long as it is estimated to "live". 

As I said in the first paragraph, the satellite is very developed. Thus, it can provide data in a larger and growing volume at any time. It will also be able to provide information and data via the Internet, passengers in planes, cars, etc. ESA also mentioned the manufacturers who worked on the development of this satellite, the biggest help being from Great Britain. - Airbus - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd Airbus, with the largest contribution. Thus, thanks to these two companies, the satellite was successfully created and developed. 

We wish success to companies and ESA to continue with such projects. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 29 November 2021, at 09:58 pm Los Angeles time

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