An unidentified object passed over Romania. The locals think it's a clear UFO. Here are the images

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Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 20 April 2022, at 08:05 am Los Angeles time

The Romanian national publications reported an unidentified object, which according to the locals stayed in the sky of Mures county for more than half an hour.

Many of the locals claim that the object belong to an extraterrestrial civilization, that is, to aliens who probably visit our planet.

The object remains unidentified, but there are many possibilities.

According to ProTV, a national publication in Romania, the images were received by a local publication in Mures from a reader of theirs.

The unidentified object appeared around 10:00 p.m local time in Romania and would have been in the sky for half an hour until it disappeared completely.

This time, the object emitted light on almost its entire diamond-shaped part.

In any case, besides the possibility of being an alien ship trying to visit us, some locals also made connections with the war that is happening in Ukraine, Romania being its neighbor.

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Also, just 30 km from where the object was caught, there is a NATO alliance base. Researchers do not rule out the possibility that the captured object was in fact a drone.

And the possibility of being an alien ship is extremely low, researchers no longer even consider it.

Researcher Liviu Mircea, responsible for the observatory in Cluj-Napoca, a city in Romania, gave the first explanations about this flying object.

Liviu Mircea, researcher: "The image is a defocused one and then, clearly, this optical turbulence creates the impression that it is a UFO. It is a precise and as yet unidentified flying object. The natural celestial body cannot be, because they have a curvilinear or radiant trajectory. This object is quasi-fixed. "

"We must keep in mind that 30 kilometers from Târnăveni [a village in Mures] is the military base at Luna. It could be said that it is NATO surveillance equipment. " he continued.

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