Ariane 6 central core set for assembly in French Guiana. Will be ready for launch?

Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace - Ariane 6 central core set for assembly
Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace - Ariane 6 central core set for assembly

News! The lower stage of the Ariane 6 has just been installed on the assembly line, according to ESA. As the upper stage is ready, ESA has announced that these two (lower and upper gear) will be joined horizontally, thus creating the central core of Ariane 6. Due to the rapid arrival in Europe of the two parts of the core, ESA can begin combined testing for this part of the Ariane 6. 

And yes, Ariane 6 has the best chance of being ready by its first launch, later this year. But until then there are still tests to be done and components. All components and final tests will take place in the ESA spaceport in French Guiana at the Ariane 6 complex. 

About the central core of Ariane 6:

The parts were built in different places and only then will they be assembled to form the central core of the Ariane 6. The lower stage was built at ArianeGroup's Les Mureaux site in France. And the upper stage is from ArianeGroup in Bremen, Germany. Also, all functions, as well as the entire exterior and interior will be carefully checked in the ESA spaceport.

The part of Arien 6 arrived safely in the port of Pariacabo on 17 January 2022, in two parts (lower and upper) placed in two different containers. After they arrived, they were transported by road to the Ariane 6 dedicated complex in the ESA spaceport. And at the Ariane 6 complex, these two pieces and the others that are part of the Ariane 6 will be assembled.

About Ariane 6:

The new ESA and Arianespace rocket is the newest rocket of the Ariane generation and will have developed functions and new technologies compared to the previous rocket.

The European space agency also said that Ariane 6 will have re-ignition capabilities and modular design, a new technology added by ESA for the rocket. Araine 6 can use either 2 or 4 thrusters, depending on what it will carry in space. Thus, the performance of the rocket will be at its maximum, but also the consumption of the propellers will be able to be adjusted to what is needed, without consuming extra. But the part that ended up in ESA's space port, the central core, has a bottom and a top (like most rockets) according to ESA. 

All procedures that must be performed on such a rocket will be performed, ESA said. But of course it will take some time to get started, such as hot run tests on the launch pad, climbing the launch pad and many other procedures.

For example, regarding the combustion test, it will be performed by the Vulcain 2.1 engine from the lower stage, on the launch pad (which is updated in these tests). The engine will do several tests, but the Araine 6 will not take off in any of the situations. The Ariane 6 complex was inaugurated last year by ESA and Arainespace, but some parts of the launch pad are still not ready. But we do not have to worry about the risky because complex tests on the ground already done as announced by ESA. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 29 January 2022, at 09:48 am Los Angeles time

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