Arianespace has just announced its first launch this year in French Guiana. See here

Credit: Arianespace/instagram
Credit: Arianespace/instagram

Arianespace has just announced its first launch this year in French Guiana. The new launch of the Arianespace agency will take 34 OneWeb satellites into space. On their Instagram page, Arianespace also announced the launch date, which will be on Thursday, February 10, 2022, at EDT 12:50 pm and Local 2:50 pm. London 5:50 pm I Paris 6:50 pm I Moscow 8:50 pm. 

The satellites will be launched using a Soyuz rocket that is already in ESA's French Guiana spaceport. This is the 13th launch of OneWeb satellites and the first this year. For its part, the OneWeb agency wrote on their website the following: "We've dedicated this next milestone to convincing OneWeb that space is the future of connectivity on earth." "It is up to all of us not to harm this new frontier in connectivity for future generations as we develop it for the benefit of all." 

OneWeb has a whole "fleet" of satellites in space and wants to be able to offer global services by the end of this year. OneWeb's initiative is to bring connectivity where fiber can't reach. Arianespace supports this initiative and helps OneWeb achieve its goal at every launch. OneWeb satellites are a kind of Starlink. The companies that launch the satellites are private and have the same purpose: to be able to offer connections anywhere in the world. 

The difference between Starlink satellites and OneWeb satellites is not very big. Perhaps the only difference is that Starlink satellites may be more in orbit than OneWeb satellites. But nothing is known yet, companies are still launching satellites, so we'll have to wait years to see how many satellites will be in Earth orbit and if they can provide internet connection anywhere in the world. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 07 February 2022, at 11:20 am Los Angeles time

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