Astronomers have observed a phenomenon never seen before in space. Here's what it's about

Credit image: Pixabay images
Credit image: Pixabay images

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 05 March 2022, at 10:06 am Los Angeles time

Astronomers have just observed a phenomenon in space that has never been seen before by anyone. The unusual phenomenon reveals how a strong and warm wind was sent through the universe by a neutron star that "devoured" the neighboring star. 

The strong wind was thrown from a binary star with a relatively low mass that emits X-rays (a system that assumes a neutron star or a black hole). After lengthy research, the scientists discovered that these stars can withstand a lot, obtaining fuel by attracting material from a neighboring star. This process is also known in science as the accretion process. 

Also, these mysterious stars throw matter into space, in addition to attracting it from other stars. They propel matter into space with the force of cosmic winds. And now, we will find why the study is so unusual.

First, scientists saw only hot gas. Indeed, in this new observation, there is hot gas, but there is also a cold one. This is the first time astronomers have detected both hot and cold gas from the same system. 

This was not surprising, as astronomers prepared in advance, using the most powerful telescopes in space and on Earth to observe the system called the Swift J1858. These observations began when the system was discovered, and were then said to be behaving strangely. Astronomers then had the idea that the most probable "unusual" things are with the throw the meter into space or attracting matter from another star. So they prepared for this observations, resulting in the first study of its kind.

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