BepiColombo reaches Mercury

Credit: ESA and JAXA
Credit: ESA and JAXA

Breaking news! BepiColombo is touching Mercury at this time. The BepiColombo mission, led by ESA and JAXA, captures Mercury from a short distance, in the evening of October 1 - the morning of October 2. That was a few hours ago in some parts of the Earth. ESA says the image was taken at 23:44:12 UTC by Monitoring Camera 2 of the Mercury transfer module. More about Mercury:

Fixed in the picture above, BepiColombo is at approx. 2418 + or - 1 km. At 23:34 UTC, BepiColombo set a record! It approached Mercury less than 198 km. In the image above at a distance of approx. 2418 km., Bepi captures the northern hemisphere of Mercury and including Sihtu Planitia. All this can be found somewhere in or near the Calvin crater on Mercury and near the Lermontov crater also on Mercury, one of the largest craters there with approx. 166 km wide. 

More details about the mission: . The two huge space exploration companies: ESA and JAXA have announced that Bepi will study Mercury closely, study craters, study the magnetosphere, study the magnetic field, craters, and more. 

The two also announced that they will send more images today, a little later. If you want to see the images that the two companies will send today, subscribe below on the page to be up to date with this news. 

We wish ESA, JAXA, and BepiColombo success in providing us with even more information and images from Mercury. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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