BREAKING: Here are 90+ unseen images from Webb, found in the STScI database. They’re just wow.

Credit image: STScI - a field of the Universe from James Webb
Credit image: STScI - a field of the Universe from James Webb

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 15 July 2022, at 07:31 am Los Angeles time

James Webb Space Telescope doesn't rest on collecting data about our Universe and making spectacular images.

It's just unstoppable.

However, some of the images recently taken by James Webb have not yet been shown by NASA, ESA, or CSA.

Our Bailey Universe team found some of the recent images from James Webb a few hours ago and we can say that we were really amazed by the power of the telescope.

Some of the images are for the Webb team to realize how the whole commissioning process went, but others are wonderful.

In order not to keep you waiting, we move directly to the subject.

The images you will see below are black and white; all are thumbnails.

We didn't save them like that on the computer, but they were sent by Webb like that and if we grow them you will have the illusion that they are decalibrated.

Besides, they are black and white because as you know, there are no colors in space, so the images taken have shades of black, gray, or white.

To appear colored, scientists also add colored filters to the telescopes so that the resulting image is colored.

Another method is to add colors directly to the received images. The colors are not set randomly, but respect the tones that are in the initial images.

Below you can see the new images from Webb and in the description below each image is what cosmic body you see.

Notes: The images with Neptune from James Webb, even if they were made, unfortunately, we could not access them, the access is denied by any method we tried. We hope that NASA, ESA, and CSA will show the images of Neptune received from James Webb as soon as possible.

Credit for all images below: STScI/NASA/ESA/CSA

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