Breaking news! A solar storm will "hit the Earth" before Christmas. There may be GPS issues. NASA said

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

Breaking news! According to the latest news about solar storms reaching Earth, NASA and NOAA warn that a solar storm will most likely hit the Earth today, December 23, 2021. It is not known exactly whether it will hit today or not, but it is known that the storm it could "hit the Earth" before Christmas. According to the Daily Express, space weather physicist Dr. Tamitha Skov wrote on Twitter: "Our sun teamed up with Santa to bring a solar storm just in time for Christmas." These solar flares occur quite often on the surface of the Sun, only massive ones occur less often. Unfortunately, this is a massive explosion that can reach Earth. 

The data show that the massive solar flare hits Earth sometime before Christmas, most likely on December 23 or 24. these solar storms are caused by massive solar flares as I said above, and after they form, the Sun catapults them to the planets ... Coronal mass ejections are caused during these massive solar flares. Maybe you've seen in other pictures or seen on the NASA site, a bubble near the Sun. That bubble is actually the one that the sun impregnates. It is a huge plasma bubble, catapulted forward by the Sun. According to NASA, this bubble contains billions of solar particles. And it's really bad if they don't get to Earth, it's enough to get close to Earth to wreak havoc. 

But the ravages, the storms, the loss of connections that affect many people can happen when these particles (all) reach the Earth's atmosphere, then begins the bad part, where you can expect anything. If this storm reaches its Earth worse, even in the atmosphere, the radio signal may be lost or interrupted for a certain period of time, or worse, the GPS signal may be lost. And this would happen at Christmas, when many people go by car, when they are tourists and sometimes it happens to be lost people, which must be found. You will realize what a total or partial loss of GPS would mean for a certain time: chaos everywhere. 

Besides, this storm could make things worse. For example, the loss of the signal with the satellites, fluctuations of the electrical network, the interruption in certain areas of the electrical network and many others. According to NASA, it could be extremely serious, if the storm directly interferes with the power transformers, then the interruptions or power losses can last for days or even 1-2 weeks, if it is very serious.

Quoted by the Daily Express, SWPC said: "During storms, currents in the ionosphere, as well as energy particles precipitating in the ionosphere, add energy in the form of heat, which can increase density and density distribution in the upper atmosphere, causing additional resistance. satellites in low Earth orbit."; "The local heating also creates strong horizontal variations in the ionospheric density that can modify the path of radio signals and create errors in the positioning information provided by GPS." Dr. Skov: "Expect aurora, possibly down to mid-latitudes."

Obs .: There is still no data to show that you should take action. But listen to the advice of experts in case this becomes worse than previously thought. 

We wish success to NASA and all those who monitor these storms so that they can provide us with the best information. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 23 December 2021, at 03:04 am Los Angeles time

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