Breaking news! James Webb Telescope almost opens its mirrors evenly. There is another week until the full opening. See here

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

Breaking news! The James Webb telescope almost opens its mirrors evenly. There is another week until the full opening of his front mirrors. NASA has announced that the operation will take another week, until January 22, 2022. But it is noteworthy that Webb opens almost all its mirrors evenly. This is currently at -9.0mm, only two being at -12.3mm. The front mirrors are the most important part of Webb, because they will help him a lot in his scientific journey in which he will take a lot of images and bring a lot of data from outside our Solar System.

Webb is close to completing 90% of the way to L2, now at a distance of approx. of 800,000 miles (approx. 1,300,000 kilometers). 

But why don't two of Webb's exterior mirrors open the same way as the others? 

NASA claimed that there are two mirrors as you can see in the picture above (mirrors A6 and A3) that do not open evenly with the others. This is due to their position sensors being read differently from others. The two mirrors will be deployed at the end of the process. The goal for Webb's mirrors is to reach the 0.00mm point. At the launch position they were at -12.5mm, this has now reached -9.00mm, and in a week it will reach 0.00mm. 

Their "growth rate" is somewhere above 1mm per day and below 1.5mm per day, according to NASA. "The mirrors move in very small increments over the course of ~ 10 days to complete their deployment. They move approximately 1mm per day each." said NASA. "Each primary mirror segment has an ID which consists of a letter (A, B, C) followed by a number. The letter denotes one of 3 different 'prescriptions' for each group of primary mirror segments." the american space agency also said in a post. 

But until we reach the 0.00mm point, we can see that today, the mirrors go through this process at almost the same pace, this means a good synchronization from NASA and the teams working for the Webb mission to be a success. 

We wish success to all those who make this mission possible, and we hope that Webb will open its mirrors successfully.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 15 January 2022, at 09:33 am Los Angeles time

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