Breaking news! NASA gives the first details of how it will bring to Earth the rocks collected by Perseverance on Mars

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

NASA gives the first details of how it will bring to Earth the rocks collected by Persverence on Mars. So far, Perseverance has collected 6 samples from Mars. The space agency said it had chosen Lockheed Martin Space as the developer of the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV). Through this, NASA brings the samples from Mars collected by Perseverance. 

The Perseverance rover has 43 samples tubes and NASA's plan is for the rover to leave those 43 tubes on the Martian surface, so that the ship that comes after them can collect them and bring them to Earth. It will probably take a few years for NASA to complete its plan and send the mission to Mars. Lockheed Martin Spacea has recently signed a contract with NASA $ 194 million to build MAV. 

NASA also said that the MAV will travel to Mars with another spacecraft called the Sample Retrieval Lander to collect the rocks. Also, NASA will now have to sign a contract with a company to build a robot to take the samples tubes left by Perseverance at the landing site. 

The plan becomes a little more complicated after the sample tubes are loaded on board the MAV. MAV will have to be launched from Mars and put into orbit. There, it will meet the Earth Return Orbiter (ERO) spacecraft. MAV will have to give the sample tubes to ERO, and ERO will bring them to Earth. 

The best time, according to NASA, is for MAV to be launched in 2026, and ERO to return to Earth in 2030. It will be the first samples of rocks from Mars collected by a rover to come to Earth. We hope that everything will go well and that by 2030 we will have the first samples of rocks from Mars. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 08 February 2022, at 11:40 am Los Angeles time

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