Breaking news! NASA: We know where the aliens are. We'll find them soon. See here where.


Breaking news! NASA is coming up with the latest revelations. Top NASA experts say "we know where to look" and "by 2025 we will find life outside of Earth." These answers from NASA come shortly after NASA hired 24 protists of different religions to tell people that life could exist outside of Earth. See more here: However, one of NASA's leading experts suggests that we still have to wait and asked that somewhere in 2050 we will have clear evidence that life exists outside of Earth. Ellen Stofan remarked: "I believe that we will have strong signs of life beyond Earth in a decade, and I believe that we will have conclusive evidence in 20 to 30 years. years." . "We know exactly where to look. We figured out the best way to show it, "During the live broadcast of the event," said Stofan. "As long as the technology is available, we will probably use it. As a result, I think we are on the right track. " Extraterrestrial life can exist, according to these five bold statements.

It would be one of the greatest discoveries ever made by humans, but we do not know if it will be good or bad. It is already known that there is water on Mars, we know that Mars has large amounts of water in the form of ice at the poles. Where there is water, there are bacteria, so the probability that there was life on Mars in the past is very high. But NASA is not talking about the planets in the Solar System. Yes, Mars would be a good planet where we could live if it were the atmosphere. Temperatures on Mars are between 30 degrees Celsius and -130 degrees Celsius. But the average temperature is around -40 degrees Celsius.

Grunsfeld said on Tuesday, "I think we're a generation away from our solar system, whether it's an ice moon or Mars, and a generation [away] from a planet orbiting a nearby star."  Paul Hertz, head of NASA's astrophysics division, says the galaxy is saturated in water just like the solar system. "A wetland," Hertz described the Milky Way during Tuesday's incident. "It can be shown that the interstellar clouds that give rise to the planetary and stellar systems include water. In the disks of debris that will become planets around other stars, we can detect water, and in other solar systems, we can see comets dissipating as their star evaporates. " 

NASA: "We know exactly where to look. "We have mastered the art of spotting the telltale signs. "Most of the time, we have the technology and we are on a route to putting it to use. As a result, "I believe we are now on the path." .  NASA is working on this research and we should not be surprised if a Braking news comes in 2050 that life outside of Earth exists. Especially after the launch of the James Webb telescope, which we still don't know how powerful it can be and what information it can show us. NASA also said that life outside Earth is most likely to be found in the Milky Way, somewhere further away from the Solar System. Or beyond the Orion arm of the Milky Way. 

We wish NASA and all those in this project success to find life elsewhere on Earth. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 02 December 2022, at 03:46 am Los Angeles time

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