Breaking news! The FAA is postponing the review program for the launch of Starship. But why?

Credit image: SpaceX
Credit image: SpaceX

The FAA recently announced the postponement of the programmatic environmental assessment for SpaceX's Starship spacecraft. However, the administration gave details that the new date for issuing the PEA will take place on March 28, 2022. Starship / Super Heavy is an interplanetary spacecraft that wants to start their first manned launches on Earth. And for that they need FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval. 

SpaceX's first launches will be shortly after receiving FAA approval (if they get it), and SpaceX is expected to make several launches with this spacecraft at first, before longer missions than the first flight example: to Mars (manned) or manned flights to the Moon. Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, said he expects a manned Earth mission to Mars by 2025, the first of its kind. Also, if the first flights will be a success, SpaceX plans to use the rocket for trips to the Moon. 

"SpaceX must apply for and obtain an experimental permit (s) and / or a vehicle operator's license from the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation to operate the Super Heavy launch ship / vehicle." the FAA argued. 

The administration also offered the important things that will be in the review: "1) public safety issues (such as overcrowding and payload content); 2) national security or foreign policy concerns; 3) insurance requirements for the launch operator; and 4) potential environmental impact." this information is provided by the FAA. 

This postponement, probably taken into account by SpaceX, is due to the various consultations that are taking place. There are still such delays from the FAA, but we note that the Federal Aviation Administration continues to evaluate SpaceX's Starship project and that only the PEA has been postponed to the end of March (March 28, 2022). The previous date on which the FAA was to offer the PEA was February 28, 2022. 

We are waiting for new information from the FAA and we hope that the Starship spacecraft will pass the final evaluation, and SpaceX will start the launches! 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 14 February 2022, at 11:30 am Los Angeles time

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