Breaking news! Uganda will create and launch the first satellite in its history

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Breaking news! Uganda is making final plans to launch its first satellite in history. The idea, which was first initiated in October 2019 by the President of Uganda, is becoming a reality today. Uganda plans to launch its first satellite into space by August 2022, becoming one of the few African countries to attempt such a thing. Not much is known about the satellite yet, but we know that it is intended to be called PearlAfricaSat-1. In addition, the President of Uganda intends to develop a space institute and a space agency in Uganda. 

But until it develops, the satellite will be built with the help of the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech), Japan. Uganda wants three graduate engineers to design this satellite, but also to build it. And the engineers have to be graduates, but they have to be from Uganda. After several consultations, the Japanese Institute decided that the following observers were fit and professional for the construction of this satellite: Bonny Omara, Edgar Mujuni, and Derrick Tebusweke. 

Uganda's project so far provides only this satellite and probably the second one in 2024, which will have quite a few missions to do because it is alone. The satellite should monitor water quality, provide weather information, so it will be known if a drought will follow. It will provide in real-time through clear images, information about soil fertility, this will let you know when there may be a landslide and where, so it will be possible to take action before it is too late. Another important mission of the satellite is to monitor the oil pipeline in East Africa, so it will cover the eastern part of Africa, not just Uganda itself. Uganda's satellite will monitor and watch oil operations in real time. The station (for the satelitte) will be located in Mpoma facility (for now).

"The site was chosen because it already had some infrastructure that the country has been using for international telecommunication satellites. This was decided on to minimize on [the] cost of developing new structure," said Elioda Tumwesigye, Uganda's Minister for Science, Technology, and Innovation. 

All this information will be received by Uganda, and the satellite will send it to a Ugandan satellite. Moreover, Uganda is eager to grow, to innovate, to develop science. That's why it allocated part of the budget for the full development of the satellite. And a few months ago, the state of Uganda tried to build a satellite communications station in Uganda, one of the few in Africa.

We wish Uganda every success and congratulate them on their intention to develop science! 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 09 December 2021, at 12:48 pm Los Angeles time

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