Change of situation: Roscosmos is reviewing its partnership with NASA for the ISS

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 01 April 2022, at 09:48 am Los Angeles time

NASA claims that Russia wants to continue its partnership with the United States for the development of the International Space Station, at the same time as a war started by Russia in Ukraine.

NASA and Roscosmos have been and are believed to be two more partners that have developed the space station over the decades. These are the agencies that have developed the ISS to date.

Last year, Roscosmos and NASA agreed to work on the ISS until 2024, but changes have also occurred.

The Biden administration wants to extend the activities on the ISS until 2030.

Russia has not yet issued an official announcement expressing its views on the extension of the International Space Station's program.

After Rogozin threatened NASA and not only, on twitter, that he wanted to shoot down the international space station and "it could fall on the USA or Europe", Dimitri Rogozin suddenly changed his words, wanting to revise the partnership with NASA . Read more here.

"All of our international partners, including Roscosmos, are making progress toward expanding the station's operations by 2030," said Kathy Lueders, NASA Representative.

"At the program level, we are continuing discussions and we are continuing to work for 2030," said Dana Weigel, deputy director of NASA's International Space Station program.

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