China launched the module of the space station with a gigantic rocket

Credit image: twitter
Credit image: twitter

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 24 July 2022, at 10:00 am Los Angeles time

Another large Chinese rocket was launched on Sunday and again, no one knows where and when it will descend. 

It has been a repeat of two previous launches of the same missile, the Long March 5B, which is one of the largest rockets currently in use and is designed to carries the massive modules of the Chinese space station Tiangong into orbit.

For approximately a week after launch, the world's space debris observers will watch the 23-ton rocket booster. The chance of it hitting someone on Earth is low but significantly higher than what many space experts consider acceptable.

The powerful rocket was specially designed to launch pieces from the space station Chinese Tiangong. The latest release will carry Wentian, a module of laboratory that will expand the research and scientific capacities of the station.

Also, will add three more spaces for astronauts to sleep and another space where they will be able to perform exits into space.

By April this year, China has completed a total of six missions for the construction of the space station. Three crews of astronauts lived aboard the station, including the trio that will receive the Wen​​an module this week.

The completion and operation of the space station are described in state media broadcasts as being important for China's national prestige.

"China is not doing and has not done anything that the USA has not already done in space", said Joan Johnson-Freese, a professor at the US Naval War College and former president of the National Security Affairs department.

"But it comes to technical parity, which is a big concern for the US".

She compared the Chinese space program to a tortoise with a rabbit which is America, "although the turtle has accelerated considerably in recent years".

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