China launches Tianzhou 3 cargo ship

Credit: CGTN
Credit: CGTN

News! The Tianzhou 3 rocket took off today to everyone's applause. It is suitable for September 20 at 15:10 (local time) from the Wenchang satellite launch center in Hainan province in southern China. He will go to Tianhe, as it is called: "Harmony of Heaven". It was launched after the 3 astronauts who spent 90 days on the Chinese space station arrived back on Earth. 

This ship will go to the Chinese space station, not to carry astronauts but to carry thousands of kilograms of supplies, equipment and much more on the Chinese space station for the astronauts who will come on it, new astronauts in October this year. 

The ship has approx. 10.6 m in length. The Chinese make such a space station of their own, because they are not members of the ISS (International Space Station), so they have to make one. Although they do not give details about the next mission, they still announced that their space station will be 20% larger than the ISS (International Space Station) and will be completed somewhere in 2022. It will now take 11 spacecraft to walk and transport the materials and assemble them into space. 

Tianhe, as the Chinese call their space station, will be a big project of theirs, and estimates that it will have a lifespan of 10 years, 15 years with care. And this ship, if you are wondering if it is one of the 11, the answer is: yes, it is the fourth of the 11 ships. Tianzhou 3 is the fourth ship of the 11. 

We wish the Chinese success in successfully launching all 11 ships and successfully completing their missions. 

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