Confirmation of the impact with the Moon

Credit image: NASA and LROC/ASU/Scott Sutherland
Credit image: NASA and LROC/ASU/Scott Sutherland

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 06 March 2022, at 09:33 am Los Angeles time

Astronomers have confirmed that part of a Chinese rocket launched approx. 7 years ago,  hit the moon, creating a crater. According to scientists, part of the Chinese rocket hit the dark side of the moon (hidden side of the moon) around 7:25 a.m. EST on March 4, 2022, unable to be seen from Earth. 

Also, as expected, the impact generated a crater on the surface of the Moon, not yet found by any space agency. According to Scientific American, scientists also estimate that the created crater is near the Hertzsprung crater at 354 miles (570 kilometers).

It is the first time (not including failed missions) that a moon collision involving a piece of space hardware has occurred. NASA has said it will investigate and try to find the newly formed crater on the Moon's surface, with missions in the area. The process is going to be a long one and we can expect to find out where the crater was created after a few weeks or maybe even months. 

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