Crew 4 will grow plants without soil on ISS, which will help future generations on Mars

Credit image: NASA - ISS
Credit image: NASA - ISS

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 28 April 2022, at 09:16 am Los Angeles time

Crew 4 arrived on the International Space Station last night, and there are already plans for scientific experiments.

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NASA has announced that this new space station crew will focus, among other things, on experiments in growing plants without the need for soil.

Also, other experiments that Crew 4 will do on the space station include hydroponic (liquid-based) and aeroponic (air-based) techniques according to Mashable.

Ann in addition to the long-awaited experiment with growing plants without soil, Crew 4 will probably perform one of the most important experiments on the ISS that can help millions of people on Earth.

They will work on making the protein-based "artificial retina".

The experiment aims to create artificial human cells using bacteriorhodopsin, a light-activated protein that can ultimately help create this retina.

If the experiment proves to be effective, then it will be able to help millions of people on Earth.

In any case, both important experiments: the one with the retina and the artificial cells, as well as the one with the growth of plants without soil will help both the generations on Earth and the future generations on Mars.

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