en- A Malaysian satellite is heading into the atmosphere

Credit: Measat
Credit: Measat

Breaking news! A Malaysian satellite will fall from space into the Earth's atmosphere, I'm about to fall to Earth! It will fall after being hit by a rather strange anomaly that NASA or ESA or JAXA or other space companies have not yet solved. More precisely, it is a 15-year-old satellite that has been quiet so far, its name is Measat-3. It has long been known that the satellite lost communications with Malaysia and its occupants. It is not known exactly why, on June 21, he lost communications with those on Earth, on June 24 a test was attempted, without success. 

Today it was officially declared that the satellite could hit Earth. One of the contributors to this satellite is Boeing, which has already had a failure with NASA's Straliner, you can see this in our previous article in the news section. Measat and satellite manufacturer Boeing were the ones who made the satellite. It is unknown at this time what he meant by that. 

There is also a hypothesis that the satellite would have run out of fuel, but nothing is known and it is not official, just that it is falling. The Malaysian satellite was an imported one, and those who lost contact through it were transferred to other reserve satellites. This satellite ends its mission in pacts, which could continue after approx. 15 years in space, being launched in December 11, 2006. 

We wish success to Boeing and Measat to be able to bring it safely without falling on any city, but as they announced it will most likely disintegrate into the atmosphere without hitting the Earth.

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