en- A mystery of black holes, solved

Photo by Jacob Granneman on Unsplash
Photo by Jacob Granneman on Unsplash

Important new discovery! NASA's nuclear telescopic spectroscopic matrix and the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton telescope contributed to a fascinating discovery that helped astronomers see the back of a black hole for the first time. Now approx. A century ago Albert Einstein hypothesized that the gravitational pull of a black hole could bend the light around a black hole. but who participated in this experiment are dr. Wilkins of Stanford University and his team. 

The study focused more on a black hole called I Zwicky 1 which is 800 million light-years from Earth. They discovered these through X-rays. These X-rays wait until the magnetic field "binds" to the black hole, then "catches" the black hole, and then produce these high-energy electrons. 

Thus in this experiment it was observed that the X-rays began to avoid the magnetic field and to bounce, sometimes even to go back, then it was observed that it was curving, thus the back of a black hole began to be seen. And besides this new discovery after approx. a century, Einstein's theory is correct. 

We wish success to researchers, scientists, astronomers and everyone working on this project to discover as many phenomena and things as possible in the future about black holes or other things in the solar system. 

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