en- A space system has been discovered in which life could develop


Breaking news and discovery! The telescope of the European Southern Observatory in Chile was used these days to discover an exoplanet (a planet outside the Solar System) that could live. It is not known if by mistake, but in the end five exoplanets were discovered that could be lived. They all sound like the star L 98-59, which is 35 million light-years from Earth (l.y) and looks like the whole system like our Solar System. Astronomers say there are 5 planets there, but it is not yet officially declared. It is officially known that there are 3 planets there. The planets are noted with a, b, c and the name of this Star. The exoplanets revolve around the star between 2 and 3 days - the duration or a little longer, the distant one, but approx. that time.

- One can possibly have ocean life on it.

- The second may be habitable and there may be water or even oxygen, it is not known, maybe even the atmosphere.

- The third is the lightest exoplanet that has ever been discovered, it is not known if it can be habitable.

Astronomers claim that there are five and as they say, 3 of them contain a single type of water, meaning imaginative as if the Earth, Uranus and Neptune contained the same type of water. The other 2 are quite close to the star, and as that star gives off heat like our star Sun, they may be a little dry, but not at all, they may contain a little water. It is believed so far that the third planet from the star has approx. 30% water. The planets were first discovered in 2019, but only now has research come about them and their composition. Everything was discovered with the help of the TESS mission.

About the lightest exoplanet ever discovered by researchers and astronomers, radial velocity is believed to have only half the mass of Venus. Researchers are very optimistic about this discovery and one of the authors said: "This is a step forward in our ability to measure the masses of the smallest planets beyond the solar system," said María Rosa Zapatero Osorio, author of the new research. It has recently been officially said that the fourth planet has been discovered, as researchers and astronomers have said, and the possible existence of a fifth planet could, as astronomers and researchers say, be fixed exactly where it can live.

We wish success to researchers, astronauts and astrophysicists and all those who collaborated on this project to discover as many as possible and can prove that you can live on at least one of the planets, no matter the number.

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