Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein


As you can see in the picture, this is Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicists of all time. Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. According to people at the time, Einstein was a chubby, pale baby with thick black hair. Einstein is also said to have said no words until the age of 3-4. No one can prove this, but it is certain that Einstein was an extremely shy and silent child, so his parents took him to various doctors to check on him. Einstein didn't say a word until at dinner he said to his parents, "The soup is too hot." And after his parents asked him why he didn't say anything, he gave them a brilliant answer back: "Everything was fine so far." Einstein hated soldiers and don't playing with them, preferring to sit alone and dream with his eyes open, as he later said: "Keep dreaming, don't wake up." Einstein was also very interested in his father and uncle's business about drums and generators because Einstein was passionate about electricity.

However, as an object, Einstein was passionate about the compass. At the age of 10, he began to learn on his own, but not as a genius, but only because the things he wanted were not explained to him at school. Albert Einstein had a very close relationship with his mother, through the violin, he liked to play with her and music, calmed his mind. We go back and tell you that a year after Einstein was born, his sister Maja was born, this time in Munich, because his family moved there. Einstein loved to think, he liked to ask questions and travel through hills and mountains. after primary school, which Einstein liked, he went to high school. Einstein was never an extraordinary student, he was to remain a corrective, and when his father asked the school principal what Einstein might be, the principal told him that nothing would happen. But what disappointed Einstein the most was the fact that questions were not allowed at school, terrible for a genius. After a while, little Einstein found a great friend, well, not really his age, not even close. He was a medical student named Max Talmey, who was also a family friend. he was the only one who discovered that Einstein was indeed a genius. Einstein, even though he loved science, adored religion and respected traditions, especially as a Jew. Then, an imbalance formed at the age of 15. Max, his friend, went to America, and Einstein's family, to Italy, so Einstein stayed to finish his classes in Germany. After being left alone, of course with school, he was expelled because he asked many questions. Einstein went to Italy, more precisely to the north, to his family, where he also liked people very much, but also that he had time to think and, of course, to read.

After a while, Einstein began to read the ideas of scientists in other times. And as he read them, Einstein had more thoughts and questions in his head. Einstein thought a lot, but only inside him. At one point, he took the courage to share his ideas with others, publishing his theory of magnetism and electricity in a scientific journal. Einstein started at a fairly young age to contradict other scientists, being the first man until then to claim that the empty part of space is empty and not a matter or an ether as other scientists called it. No wonder, when Einstein's time came, he went to physics. Einstein finished his Swiss school first, liking the Swiss (he didn't like the Germans either). Einstein then met a friend, who would later become his wife, a woman with a brilliant mind whom Einstein called "Dolly", named Mileva Maric. 

Einstein returned after a while and after some time published 5 important scientific papers. And at some point adding a new measure: time. Then, he took a break and married Mileva, who a year later gave birth to a child named Hans Albert in 1904, who would become a physics teacher. He then began to think and write scientific papers, standing and seeing that he had a quiet life, money, a house, a job and a beautiful family. Einstein wrote a lot at the time after work, he stayed at home with his family. And everything we see now that exists: electronics, space travel m, the atomic bomb ..., all were suggested by him. Then, in 1909, his dream came true: he became a professor of physics at the University of Zurich. In 1905, 4 years before he became a physics teacher, he published his book: The Theory of Relativity. Something else happened and Albert became more and more popular and more and more people realized that he was a genius, traveling all over Europe. Einstein then gave another shock, claiming that the light is curving. At first it was a shock to everyone, but then it turned out to be so, after a final eclipse was photographed. Einstein then invented, after everyone was blinded by the famous equation: E = mc ^ 2. In this equation, E-is the energy, m-mass and c- speed of the moon. Many have explained, and Einstein, that this formula means that if a small amount of mass becomes energy, then the amount of energy released will be extremely large. And how does this work in the atomic bomb? Simple: A small divided atom, its mass is transformed into energy, from these two results that the released energy is huge. Einstein then decided to go to Berlin, leaving behind his wife and two children (MIleva had given birth to another child - Eduard, who was talented in music as well as literature, but had some mental problems).

Albert married, then his cousin Elsa, after divorcing Mileva. After the First World War, Albert was right! The light is curving! This was the proof on November 7, 1919, of the total eclipse, photographed in West Africa and South America. Year 1921. Albert Einstein and other Jews decided to help the Jews in Germany, who were usually killed. They arrived in New York, where Einstein received the key to the city from the mayor of New York. Warren Harding, the American president at the time, invited Einstein to the White House. Einstein returned to Germany, went to other countries, even to the King of Spain, then returned to America, after the Nazis sentenced him to death in Germany. At the age of Albert, 57, Elsa died, leaving Albert alone. Year 1939. The Europeans use Einstein's theory and begin creating the first atomic bomb. Einstein did not want the Jews to die after many were killed, so he did he had the courage and wrote to the then president of America, Franklin D. Roosevelt, to start working on the atomic bomb, giving him his calculations. . Year 1945. August 6, 08:15, a US military plane launches the first atomic bomb in history over the city of Hiroshima (Japan was on the side of Germany). Over 80,000 dead people Year 1945 August 9. The second atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki. More than 10,000 people died within seconds. Then Japan surrendered. 1940. Einstein is 61 years old and becomes an American citizen. He's been spending his last years at Princeton, New Jersey. Einstein was alone, he helped some children to repair games and bicycles, even a little girl came to him to help her with her math homework, and after she helped, Einstein ate a can of beans with her (dinner ). Einstein lived on Mercer Street no. 112 .. In 1948, the state of Israel was created, which Einstein wanted at first. Year 1950. Einstein makes his will. Leaving all his works in Israel. The year 1951. Maja, his sister, is dying. Year 1955. After 4 years of loneliness, Einstein falls ill. On April 17, 1955, he was admitted to Princeton Hospital. Einstein took off his glasses, asked for a pen and paper. On April 18, 1955, one of the greatest physicists died. The paper he asked for was found on it, and it said that all nations should give up nuclear weapons. Einstein's desire to have his brain taken and studied was fulfilled by Thomas Harvey, who studied his brain, noticed nothing, only other researchers noticed some still unknown grooves and a brain 15% wider.