en-Asteroid that can create life


Breaking News! Ryugu asteroid looks like it has ingredients to create life! Japanese space agents said it has an amount of hydrogen atoms to create molecules of organic matter, as well as 70% of the water needed for each human being. The news was declared by some sources announced on June 16-17, 2021, but some more research followed and it was officially confirmed today that the asteroid has enough ingredients to create life! 

One more thing from Japanese breeders came today: It may be that the objects that created life on Earth are now coming back to Earth! Eizo Nakamura, a special professor appointed at Okayama University, has so far claimed that these findings are due to a solid and concrete analysis of the soul. And of course, after this discovery, 269 researchers from 14 countries have started their work and are working to observe as closely as possible and to see the details of the asteroid. 

They will try to discover more evidence from the asteroid with the Hayabusa 2 device, which has helped this research so far. Not all the details of the molecules have been clarified yet, but it is known for sure that at this moment they would be able to create a life, however nothing is certain yet. 

We wish success to the researchers as well as the scientists from this experiment to discover as many as possible! 

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