en- August 8 - the day Paul Dirac was born


Paul Dirac was born on August 8, 1902, under the full name: Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac. So that would have been his day if he was still alive. He was the one who invented quantum mechanics in physics and quantum field theory. One of the greatest physicists, Paul Dirac was awarded the Nobel Prize at just 31 years old. A bright mind that was born in Bristol, United Kingdom. He later became a Lucasian professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, one of the greatest positions in mathematics and which very few human beings have ever had, for example Stephen Hawking was a Lucasian professor of mathematics. 

He also wrote a work called The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, which was published in Oxford before he won the Nobel Prize, his work was published in 1930 and for the first time consisted of the principles of mechanical quantum. He was largely rewarded for discovering new productive forms of atomic theory with Erwin Schrödinger. He was the first man, an official, to say that there is a huge number of negatively charged electrons throughout the universe, and this forms the vacuum and the one that introduced a sign that plays a very important role in Einstein's theory of relativity. He died at the age of 82, on October 20, 1984 in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. He spent his lasts years at Florida State University. Paul Dirac was, is and will be one of the greatest physicists and teachers of mathematics. Thanks to Paul Dirac for all the discoveries!

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