Black holes


We've reached the Black Holes, which you may have heard of before. Black holes are a region of space-time difficult to understand where gravity is enormous. Pin this gravity nimci, not even light, can pass through a black hole. Black holes are usually formed from stars, much more massive than the Sun, which collapses at the end of life. Through a black hole, time changes, the seventh, everything is different. And as Stephen Hawking said, "Most likely, when you go into a black hole, you look like a long cut, and then you disappear." Yes, it's pretty hard to understand, how you disappear, that is, you don't disintegrate and you don't die, you just disappear, being quite strange. You can't see inside her and you wouldn't even be able to. Because if you get too close, it swallows you, it's like a very strong magnet. The black hole in physics has 3 characteristics: mass, load and of course the angular momentum. Now comes a kind of complicated theory. Every black hole, whatever its type, has a midpoint. That point in the middle of it is called singularity, maybe something we will never understand. There the time and the seventh being infinite, where the volume is equal to 0. It's pretty hard to understand, that's why no one now knows how such a thing can be. Hawking also said that black holes are not completely black, but that they still have thermal radiation in them, and if his theory is correct, then certainly black holes could evaporate. This was later called Hawking radiation. A black hole can grow bigger, the more matter it has attracted to it, the more matter enters it, the more it grows. Of course it can also be formed with dust and cosmic gas.