en- Boeing and NASA says that the Starliner will not take off on 3 august

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

Breaking news! The Starliner ship, which has to take off in a few hours, will not take off! Boeing recently announced that the Starliner will not take off today at all! In a tweet, Boeing announced that it would give more details much later. After the Satrliner took off for the first time in 2019, now it had to take off again and go on the international space station, if the flight was successful and confirmed and everything was fine, then it could transport astronauts into space this year. 

He had to stay on the ISS for 10 days and NASA from the ISS had to do some tests on it. Unfortunately it will not take off today. Tory Bruno is the executive director of the United Launch Alliance, he announced that the team will try again on Wednesday. No details have been given as to why the flight is being rescheduled, but many say that some launch tests that have been quite treacherous have not gone well. 

You can see details about the launch that would take place on our old article here: https://bailey1.webnode.ro/l/nasa-and-boeing-colaboration/ 

We hope everything goes well on Wednesday and we wish success to those on the ISS, NASA, Boeing and all those working on this mission.

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