Which is another dwarf planet, which is in the asteroid belt. It was first considered a planet, and then an asteroid. It remained so for 150 years, until August 6, 2006, when the International Astronomical Union named Ceres the dwarf planet. It was first observed on January 1, 1801 in Palermo (Italy) by Giuseppe Piazzi. The average radius is approx. 487.3. It represents 40% of the total mass of asteroids in the Solar System. (if we were to take it as an asteroid). And only 40% of the Moon's mass (the Moon is not an asteroid). Its surface area: 2,850,000 km ^ 2. Having a speed of: 17,882 km / s. And distances from: perihelion: 2.5468 AU aphelion: 2.9858 AU. Gravitational acceleration much lower than Earth: 0.27 m / s ^ 2, this means you are almost floating on Ceres. And because of this gravity, you will also have a low weight.