Curiosities about the Solar System

  1. The Solar System was formed 4.6 billion years ago. 
  2. Mars has the largest volcano in the Solar System: Olympus Mons and the largest Valles Mariners truck that stretches for 4,000 km. 
  3. The big red dot on Jupiter is a storm, which is getting smaller, at this time having approx. 16500 km. 
  4. Ice mountains were discovered at the edge of the Solar System. 
  5. Pluto has 20 cold layers of atmosphere.
  6. Voyager is the only spacecraft to travel through the entire Solar System, and is now outside of it and still transmitting information. 
  7. The moon is the sixth largest natural satellite in the Solar System.
  8. In a few billion years, the Sun will turn into a red giant, a supernova, that will swallow the Earth and create a hole denying the Sun, then become a white dwarf.
  9. A comet consists of hydrogen, gas and cosmic dust.
  10. The best planet mankind could live on is Mars.