en-Elon Musk say that probably Starship spacecraft is more dense than Saturn V

Credit: Elon Musk on twitter
Credit: Elon Musk on twitter

Breaking news! Elon Musk said in a twitter post that Starship may be denser than Saturn V. The Starship was recently placed on top of the amplifier today, August 6th. Being the largest spacecraft in the world at this time it is announced to take off. While shortly after Starship SN20, its booster was fixed for more than an hour, as announced by SpaceX, where engineers made matching checks between the two.

SpaceX recently announced that it has been decided that this Starship will be used and reused many times to send goods to the Moon or Mars, even to other bodies in the Solar System, but also to send people to the same destinations. above. The ship is equipped with 29 raptor engines, Elon Musk said that later the ship will have 32 raptor engines.

All are high quality, extremely strong. The problem is that Elon Musk recently announced on twitter that his ship is much denser than Saturn V. Saturn V was used by NASA as a ship for transporting Apollo missions and also carried a lot of liquid and was very dense, so it is strange that Elon Musk said that his ship is much denser.

Elon Musk on twitter: "Over time, we might get orbital payload up to ~ 150 tons with full reusabity. If Starship then launched as an expendable, payload would be ~ 250 tons. What isn't obvious from this chart is that Starship / Super Heavy is much denser than Saturn V. " The spacecraft is still undergoing a lengthy verification procedure, but SpaceX and Elon Musk will launch it this year.

We wish success to Elon Musk and SpaceX and to all those who participate in the mission to make everything go well and we hope to get them all approved faster and launch the ship this year!

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