en- Elon Musk wants to reach the moon by 2024 at the latest

Credit: NASA/SpaceX
Credit: NASA/SpaceX

News! SpaceX founder Elon Musk said he wants Starship to be ready for a possible mission in the month before 2024. And as Elon Musk joked on twitter: "Probably sooner." it is also encouraged even by NASA, which encourages SpaceX and NASA has argued that "the most ambitious date possible is 2024" to go to the moon again. Besides, NASA is not so lucky, he claimed that the space suit may not be ready in 20025, and Musk is very optimistic and confident and said: "SpaceX could do it if it will be necessary". On July 30, Elon Musk received $ 300 million to move the project further, and received the fact that Starship may go to the Moon before 2024. 

Of course, he has rivals, like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos with some private companies and teams, but Musk has much better chances according to the analysis. Musk also said he could use all his wealth to create a multi-planetary life. Of course, NASA also wants to reach the Moon by 2024 with the Artemis program, and the tests to start by 2023. 

The Artemis program held the following: "2024 is not an arbitrary date. It is the most ambitious date possible, and our success at the Moon, and later, at Mars, will be grounded in our national goals and robust capabilities." So, it means that NASA is also quite ambitious. 

We wish success to SpaceX and NASA as well as to the other companies and those working on these projects to make everything very good and everything to turn out perfectly. 

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