en-Elon Musk wants to return the Hubble telescope to Earth


Breaking news! Elon Musk claimed he could return the Hubble telescope! According to the newest news, Elon Musk claimed that his company's Starship could theoretically save and return the Hubble telescope to Earth! Even though he has not yet given details, Musk was asked on Twitter by a user if he can safely return the Hubble telescope to Earth without disintegrating in the atmosphere (the Hubble telescope has some malfunctions of a month or two). Elon said "sure" .

The billionaire claimed that he could bring this telescope through his company SpaceX. The Hubble Telescope is one of the most important telescopes, it was launched in 1990 and is still in use, according to NASA, it still gives information! It has transmitted some of the most beautiful images in space, as well as data and is still used. 

We wish Elon Musk success with this mission! 

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*The image above is in public domain source: wikipedia