en- ESA announces what is the temperature on the International Space Station (ISS)

Credit: ESA https://www.esa.int
Credit: ESA https://www.esa.int

Breaking news! ESA has announced the temperature in the ISS (International Space Station). It is approx. normal, but is slightly higher than the Earth's average temperature. Yes, it is approx. between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. but it happens many times a day to exceed or shake these temperatures. Why? Because ISS soaks up sunlight in the dark twice in 90 minutes. I mean, it passes 32 times a day from sunlight into darkness, a lot, right? It's quite a lot and that's why sometimes the temperature varies.

That's why ESA has announced that there are fluids on board the ISS. What do those fluids do? Those fluids regulate the temperature in the ISS. If it increases too much or decreases too much, it decreases or increases it to normal temperatures, between 18 and 25 degrees. Astronauts must always be prepared for such phenomena and also, the equipment must be prepared. ESA also announced that: "The internal water loop collects heat from the cabin air, from experiments and equipment through cold plates and through an air conditioner similar to those used on Earth." 

And as the heat goes to the outer loop, of course through heat exchangers, then the outer fluid loop begins to contain ammonia instead of normal water. As you can see in the picture, the temperatures outside the ISS are also shown, the big ones show when it passes through the sunlight (theoretically) and the small ones when it is dark (theoretically), but sometimes there are also disturbances. Anyway, the astronauts and the equipment are ready. And yes, the real temperatures without heat exchangers are outside the ISS. So it would be a disaster if the fluids and regulators stopped for a few minutes, but hopefully it will never happen. 

We wish the ISS success in various missions and to give us more information about such secrets on board the ship.

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