en-ESA lunch Star One D2 and EUTELSAT QUANTUM


Yesterday, the ship that ESA said it would take off on July 30, 2021 took off successfully. The satellite is to help astronauts who are in space with some ship blockages or other aids, so far it is the only satellite like this that has ever been launched into space, so it's a premiere! 

If you want to know more about this mission, you can do it here: https://bailey1.webnode.ro/l/a-new-esa-program-is-ready-to-launch/ We wish success to those who coordinate the operation! 

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Credit video: Arianespace

Our article about this ESA mission (26 July 2021):

Important announcement from ESA! A new satellite is ready to launch! The European Space Agency said that one of its satellites, which had to take off for a long time, but could not for some reason, will be launched aboard a rocket on July 30, 2021. According to ESA, this satellite is a communications satellite that can be repaired in the event of a space failure.

This program is organized by ESA together with Eutelsat and the main manufacturer Airbus. This is an important sieve because Eutelsat Quantum is the first satellite in human history to be commercially flexible. This satellite will have a lifespan of 15 years, and its mission is to provide information to aircraft and spacecraft moving through its beams. This satellite can also block some actions that are not necessary in a flight time, as well as respond to intentional blockages, according to ESA.

In this context, ESA was the agency that dealt with the satellite data, Airbus was the one that dealt with the manufacturing contract that took place mostly in England, according to ESA, and the company Surry Satellite Technology Ltd manufactured the new platform. This is how the Eutelsat Quantum program is formed. This satellite will take off on July 30, 2021 Ariane 5 operated by Arianespace. The whole operation will take place at the European spaceport in French Guiana, reports ESA.

So we wish success to all humans and companies working on this program to bring it to a successful end.

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Credit video:  SciNews