en- ESA wants to make oxygen to the moon


Breaking news! ESA recently said it wants to challenge the great powers this summer who, of course, are members of ESA to create a device that can make oxygen to the moon. So at this point, researchers and scientists have begun to compete to create a machine that can produce oxygen on the moon.

ESA said that through this experiment it would be interested to see if anyone can create a bigger planet. ESA said it would be great to be able to create huge plants, in addition to machines to create oxygen. ESA (the European space agency) said this would go a long way in helping astronauts on the moon to breathe without astronaut helmets.

In addition, European Space Agency said it would help spacecraft traveling somewhere to "make stops" on the moon to supply space shuttles with oxygen. But, back to the machines, this is what ESA's Human Exploration and Robotics Department says. So far, the Directorate has started the competition to create a machine that can make oxygen on the Moon with the following nations: Airbus Defense and Space in Germany, OHB in Italy, Space Applications in Belgium and Thales Alenia Space in Great Britain.

These will be the leaders of the competing teams. The contest will last as long as the summer, and in September the winner will be announced. Bailey Universe will post the winner in September, but to be announced subscribe here: https://bailey1.webnode.ro/news/

We wish success to ESA, as well as to the competing teams and to all those who are involved in this contest.

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