According to CNN sources, a new exoplanet discovered by researchers at the University of New Mexico a few hours ago. The planet is 90 light years from Earth. It revolves around the star M.

Earrings are made and it is believed that it also has clouds. The planet is great, but it has a climate like Earth. The temperature is good, the atmosphere is much higher than the earth and it can be habitable. According to the researchers, they also discovered the mass and volume, slightly smaller than Neptune, the esplanade is called TOI-1231 b, revolves around a small star, being 8 times smaller than the planet. It's bomb news! There may be life on it! Everything seemed like Earth, shortly after Jennifer Burt gave an interview: "TOI-1231 b is one of the only other planets we know of with a similar size and temperature range, so future observations of this new planet will allow us to determine how common (or rare) water clouds are. around these temperate worlds, "Burt said. He also said: "Compared to most planets detected so far, which often have temperatures of hundreds or thousands of degrees, TOI-1231 b is definitely cold," Burt said. The planet may have an atmosphere like Neptune, gaseous, made of helium-hydrogen! "Even though TOI 1231 b is eight times closer to its star than the Sun Earth, its temperature is similar to that of Earth, due to its cooler and less bright star," said one of the study's authors, Diana Dragomir. assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico. 

And an average temperature on that planet is 57 degrees Celsius. And the planet is at approx. 90 light years from Earth.