en-Fascinating discovery of neutron stars

NASA/CXC/SAO (X-Ray); NASA/JPL-Caltech (Infrared) - https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/pia18848-wisefacepalm.jpg
NASA/CXC/SAO (X-Ray); NASA/JPL-Caltech (Infrared) - https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/pia18848-wisefacepalm.jpg

Fascinating discovery!

Astronomers, astrophysicists, researchers and scientists have recently announced an amazing discovery about neutron stars. Until now, these stars were spherical prefects everywhere, due to a pressure of huge gravitational force. This finding suggests something else.  After the announcement, researchers and scientists, astronauts and astrophysicists discovered mountains on neutron stars! Don't think that they are huge mountains, no, they are only 0.1 mm.

Even if it is small, it is enough to prove that the gravitational force is not the same thing, thus bringing a new discovery for the first time. Besides, these small mountains have an extremely high density. These small mountains. Neutron stars have a gravitational field 1 billion times larger than Earth's. However, some expected to find on neutron stars, small mountains, but of one centimeter, none of this kind has yet been confirmed, but it is not excluded! In a way it can be expected that there are small portions slightly higher on neutron stars, especially since they also cause gravitational waves. But at least so far, we can suggest that they are some of the most spherical begging bodies we know.

This recent experiment shows so far the maximum size that a "mountain" can have on the surface of a neutron star. So, neutron stars are almost perfect, not 100% perfect, but approx. 99.9% perfect! the researchers added one more thing at the end: "These results show that neutron stars are indeed remarkable spherical objects. In addition, it suggests that observing the gravitational waves generated by their rotation could be much more challenging than I thought. "

So we wish success to all who work on such experiments, as well as other experiments.

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