en-Giant asteroid 31 July 2021 near Earth


The meteorite that caused a little panic approached the Earth on July 26 at 21:00 Indian time, quite a lot, but not much, the Earth was out of any risk of the meteorite approaching the Earth. Thus, everything ended well, the meteorite flew at 4 million km. of Earth. But, NASA warns that it is looking at another asteroid this time that can get even closer to Earth on July 31, 2021, in any case we should be a little worried. 

NASA reported that in the next century, the Earth will be safe and will not be hit by begging bodies, but surprises can happen at any time! In any case, NASA has said that it is keeping an eye on the asteroid approaching Earth. Asteriduls is called 2019 YM6. The other GO20 meteorite from 2008 was also almost a day from Earth, that is, the one that passed 4 million km from Earth, it was a little big for a meteorite, but this asteroid is even bigger. Of course, an asteroid must be bigger than a meteorite, but the idea is that this asteroid is very big. 

So we wish success to all the people who study it and hope to go around the Earth, as NASA has done. 

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Credit to video: World Today on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXnY_WccCJw