en-Giant asteroid

Credit: NewAtlas
Credit: NewAtlas

Breaking news! According to astronomers in New Delhi, tomorrow, July 25, an asteroid will be very close to Earth! The asteroid came much closer to Earth a few years ago, but is now very close. The asteroid is called: "2008 GO20". According to the sources, it will pass by the Earth, tomorrow, July 25, 2021, so be careful! 

Astronomers in India have said that we should not panic, they have said that everything is under control, but the asteroid is a growing object and can always change its fall. As one researcher put it: "We should not panic. We can safely say that it will not hit the earth," Dr Pattnaik told ANI. But in any case, I couldn't know 100%. The asteroid visited the Earth in 1935 and 1977, since research was done and would follow again in 2035. The asteroid is currently at approx. 11 times the Earth-Moon distance, so we don't have to be scared now, but it has a high speed! With 29,000 km per hour. It would be very close to Earth at around 11:21 pm, India time. 

He also said that there are many asteroids of this kind that are destroyed at this high speed, before entering the atmosphere or after entering the atmosphere. But there are also some who can hit the Earth. This has not happened for a long time, but it can happen at any time.

We hope to avoid the earth or it will be destroyed, because if it falls, it will do great damage where it will fall. We wish success to those who study it, to know exactly what is happening. 

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