Ham chimpanzee

This photo is made by NASA and according to NASA's policy on the use of images, it is not protected by copyright.
This photo is made by NASA and according to NASA's policy on the use of images, it is not protected by copyright.

The researchers were impatient and wanted more missions with living beings in space. Even if they could not or still were not sure to send a man into space, they chose an animal. More precisely, a Cameron chimpanzee, born in the year in which Laika left the Earth's atmosphere, 1957. The chimpanzee was captured at one point and sent to a farm, specifically in Miami called: Rare Bird Farm. When Ham was two years old, he was bought by American special forces to reach NASA. He successfully arrived at Holloman Base in 1959. Don't think that the Americans only took him and only found him, no, in that base there were 40 chimpanzees according to the sources of that time, it is strange that Ham was named 65. He was renamed Ham because he was chosen to go into space. In July 1959, Ham was trained because he needed mental training by neurologist Joseph V. Brandy. Ham was extremely intelligent and learned to push or use certain levers of the ship, becoming one of the smartest on the field and was always rewarded with bananas.

Ham boarded the Mercury-Redstone 2 on May 31, 1961, in the first space project called Mercury, after much training. It was released from Florida. Much of the ship's data and what Ham was doing were monitored by researchers and computers on Earth. The capsule in which Ham was found suffered a small loss of pressure, which Ham resisted, due to the suit. Ham travel through space, approx. how long the flight lasted approx. 16 minutes and 39 seconds. After that capsule with Ham in it landed in the Atlantic Ocean and was immediately recovered by a rescue ship. Ham came with life on Earth and had only a bruise on his nose.

This chimpanzee proved a lot and especially showed with a rocket can be controlled from inside the mantles, Ham was the one who opened us, after Laika an even bigger road to space. Ham lived quietly for 17 years, then Ham lived with a group of chimpanzees at a zoo in North Carolina, never having interacted with scientists or NASA researchers.

He died on March 23, 1983. The first time he wanted to be stuffed and exhibited at a museum or institute. As people did not want him to be stuffed, only the skeleton that is on display at the museum in Silver Springs, Florida has been preserved. Ham also had a reserve in case he could not go into space. Her name was Minne. But as Ham succeeded, Minne was taken to a breeding center for the same Air Force program, where she gave birth to 9 more chicks.

She died at the age of 41 on March 14, 1998 and was, according to sources, the last chimpanzee trained to go into space, but research is still being done on chimpanzees and there are still other chimpanzees trained to go into space.