How was the universe formed?


According to the Big Bang theory, space and time came together, from what? We don't know yet. So the universe was formed with the Big Bang theory, but we are not yet able to know exactly what it was before. For the first time in the Universe, a kind of semi-atom formed, then atoms, then cosmic dust, then nebula, then star, then black hole, then galaxy, then planets. It's a big cycle, but beautiful, according to the theory, the subatomy formed in less than 10 seconds, but we don't know what made them do that. Theoretically, the universe is approx. 13.8 trillion years. In order for stars to form, cosmic dust and helium and hydrogen were formed before, without these, we could not have stars. The universe has expanded its dark matter, that is, that matter that you do not see, but there is, that matter between two objects, most likely contains atoms, but it is simply the space between two objects, a kind of space air. And of course the universe is mostly made up of this matter, that is, atoms, everything is made of atoms and we have atoms in us, so almost everything is an atom. According to the theory, it was extremely hot in the Universe, but the fact that it spread, cooled down, that's why it's so cold now.